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Guy Inchbald

This is just a boring page for the odd bit of useful stuff. Insanity may be provided on request.

About me

A freelance technical consultant and author by profession, I am a kind of perpetual Linux n00b. Decades of experience have unearthed phobias for vi, emacs, grep, sed, awk, even cat. I can just about cope with telnet, ls, mkdir, rm, ftp and the like, but I prefer Gedit and ROX cos I don't have to keep looking up all those extensions and switches I can never remember (nothing to do with WYSIWYG, apart maybe from drag-and-drop, just that the world of extensions and switches is so horribly inconsistent).

My other pet hate is the utter unrelated-ness in terms of grammar and syntax of (X)HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP/ASP/JSP/ and SQL. Oh, for a single language to write a whole web application in! Oh yes, and not ONE of them does transclusion in any useful way! Even this dodgy old wiki here does transclusion. Rubbish, the lot of 'em.

Website: (

Other interests:

  • Polyhedra (
  • Philosophy - especially of self, science and religion.

Pages for creation

The create this page option doesn't appear when it should. So I add new pages here: then, clicking on the link allows me to edit/save, (i.e. create) it. <<<''shudder''>>>

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