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Guy Inchbald

This is just a boring page for the odd bit of useful stuff. Insanity may be provided on request.

A freelance technical consultant and author by profession, I am a kind of perpetual Linux n00b. Decades of experience have unearthed phobias for vi, emacs, grep, sed, awk, even cat. I can just about cope with telnet, ls, mkdir, rm, ftp and the like, but I prefer Gedit and ROX cos I don't have to keep looking up all those extensions and switches I can never remember.

Website: (

Other interests:

  • Polyhedra (
  • Philosophy - especially of self, science and religion.

Pages for creation

The create this page option doesn't appear when it should. So I add new pages here: then, clicking on the link allows me to edit/save, (i.e. create) it. <<<''shudder''>>>

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