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Probably the oldest (by a couple of months) distro still in common use, Slackware still remains largely the work of Patrick J. Volkerding. There was a minor controversy when Gnome was dropped from the latest release, although support for GTK programs was never in doubt. As a result 3rd party Gnome releases for Slackware have flourished:

The long-standing Dropline Gnome; and Freerock Gnome/GSB and GWare Gnome seem to be the most popular.


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Current Version: 10.2
Editions: Release, Testing
Core: kernel version 2.4.31, gcc 3.3.6, glibc 2.3.5, Apache 1.3.33, XOrg X11 6.8.2, KDE 3.4.2 and much more .
Package management system: pkgtool (binary tar.gz)
Price: Free download or 4 CDs at $39.93 or 30.00 EUR.
Website: The Slackware Linux Project (
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User opinion: Users might like to submit their own experiences of the distro. What they liked, hated and had problems with.