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SuSE Linux

(This could be a standard layout for distro entries)

Current Version: 8.2
Editions: Professional, personal etc
Core: 2.4.20-4GB, XFree etc.
Package management system: SuSE's native RPM-based software management is done through YAST (Yet Another Setup Tool).
Website: [1] (
Reviews: this could be a selection of links to reviews of the product.
User opinion: Users might like to submit their own experiences of the distro. What they liked, hated and had problems with.

For those of you who didn't know this particular chunk of distro trivia, SuSE used to stand for 'System und Software Entwicklung'. Entwicklung is German for 'development'. SuSE used to be written S.u.S.E to represent the fact that it actually meant something, but it's now just SuSE and doesn't mean anything any more (or so we're told).

English people are notorious for pronouncing SuSE 'incorrectly', with the most common variants being 'sooz' (rhymes with lose), 'soose' (rhymes with loose) or 'suzy' (rhymes floozie). It's supposed to be pronounced 'SUE-zuh' (rhymes with User (though not with any regional inflection) or Lollapalooza), which is a peculiarity in itself - usually people are allowed to pronounce things as they wish, but people who pronounce SuSE the non-German way are often corrected. Anyone know why it is we care so much about sue-zuh?

It seems that there's quite some debate about the correct pronunciation of SuSE. In English 'received pronunciation', 'sue' is pronounced differently to 'soo', instead being closer to 'syoo'. SuSE is definitely not pronounced Syoozuh. Long live soo-zuh.