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Where can a newbie go to learn about Linux?

There are no shortcuts to becoming an expert, however there are two books that can help you start that journey: Running Linux and Linux in a Nutshell both published by O'Reilly. The former is aimed at helping you install and setup your PC and the latter is a command line reference book and both are relatively distribution agnostic. For those that can't afford or don't want to spend their hard earned cash the following webpages will be priceless ;-)

Becoming an Expert

  • [1] ( The Linux Documentation Project - A comprehensive collection of Linux Howto's, Tutorials, Manuals, and even books.
  • [2] ( Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition - Explains everything from newbie level to great detail.
  • [3] ( Linux Command - Learn the power of the xterm / console.
  • [4] ( Just Linux - Newbie Help File repository: Man pages in newbie speak.
  • [5] ( The Linux Tutorial - a growing archive of miscellaneous topics and tutorials.
  • [6] ( Micro Home Page - Follow the 'Linux' link for nicely organized tutorials in plain English.
  • [7] (http:// Slackware Manual - Although this may seem like an distribution specific manual its not. The Slackbook teaches you basic shell commands in an easy to read format. The book is organized very well and is in layman's terms so it's perfect for Linux newbies.

Application Specific Tutorials

Gimp (Graphics package)

  • [8] ( Gimp User Group - has tutorials on using the Gimp graphics package.

Vim / Vi (Text editor)

  • [9] ( Vim hands on tutorial - plus lots of links to Vi tutorials
  • [10] ( Vim tutorial - an illustrated feature summary page



  • [11] ( Complete C Language Tutoral - very well set out.
  • [12] ( C Made Easy - includes self test / quizzes as you progress
  • [13] ( C Tutorial for C Programmers - a quick but still detailed summary page

Gimp (ScriptFu)

  • [14] ( ScriptFu - Learn to program your own Gimp effects.


  • [15] ( TCL/TK for Non-Programmers
  • [16] ( TCL/TK Tutorial
  • [17] ( TCL and TK made Easy
  • [18] ( TCL code fragments - ASCII conversion, Random etc.
  • [19] ( TCL manual - a handy command reference
  • [