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Linux User Groups (LUGs) are regular local events, where Linux users meet up to chat, share help and demonstrate new software. A few LUGs have a specific focus, but most are open to everyone -- young and old, newcomers and experienced UNIX geeks. Similarly, most LUGs are informal meetups, often with a trip to the pub at the end.

LUGs are a great way to get hands-on help from other Linux users. If, for instance, you've having a problem running Linux on your laptop, you can take the machine to a LUG and see if anyone can help. It's also beneficial to watch long-time Linux users run the OS -- you can learn much quicker than through forums or IRC.

Almost every county in the UK has at least one LUG. You can find a full list at -- if you're interested, drop the LUG manager an email, and find out when the next meetup is scheduled. Here are links to some of the biggest LUGs:

Worldwide: if you're not in the UK, see for a list of LUGs around the globe. If you'd like to add some information about your local LUG to this page, click the 'edit' button at the top and type away, either as a subsection or by linking to a separate page.