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* [http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/wikipdfs Download a PDF for conversion] * [http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/wikipdfs Download a PDF for conversion]
* [[CCP FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] * [[CCP FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]
 +[[Category:LXF community conversion project]]
 +If you want to discuss any aspect of the project, you can use '''[[Talk:LXF Community Conversion Project|this article's Talk page]]'''

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We had a problem, you kind folk suggested a solution, and the result is the LXF Community Conversion Project: a project that aims to convert 150 PDFs of LXF tutorials (and some interviews) to wiki format. If this is a success, we will add more PDFs into the mix so that the wiki can keep on growing. We want this to become a really useful resource for Linux users everywhere, and it's great to have the community help us achieve that goal.

Update: this is coming along really well. Thanks to everyone involved for your help! We've added some interviews for converting to plain text if anyone wants to chip in there too.

If you want to discuss any aspect of the project, you can use this article's Talk page