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Current Version: 3.1 ('Sarge')
Editions: Stable, Testing (the beta stuff), Unstable (the alpha stuff)
Core: kernel version, XFree etc.
Package: Apt
Price: Free
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User opinions:

Users might like to submit their own experiences of the distro. What they liked, hated and had problems with.

The finest Linux distribution known to man. Many complain that it has old software, which is patent rubbish - I use Debian, and it has KDE 2

Debian is, unsurprisingly, used extensively as the base for other distros. Knoppix, for example, uses Debian, as do Morphix, Lindows, Libranet, Xandros and many others.

A favourite amongst experienced users, Debian (aka 'woody') is the only 100% total GPL / non commercial distro out there. Debian has a huge very active community of developers who work fervently on a constant stream of updates (fixes and new ideas). While Debian has been designed by experts for their own usage and has not been designed (unlike many other commersial distros) to tempt the 'newbie' user, it has become nevertheless fairly easy to install and use (the update routines are excellent). Due to the open GPL nature of Debian, much of its content and packages has been adopted into other distros and the number of Debian variant distros (such as Knoppix, an excellent 'live' introduction to Linux capable of booting off a CD without affecting a users hard drive) are increasing.