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Not all programming languages can be as powerful or easy to use as C and C++. In fact, many languages have poorly thought-out features that have caused pain and suffering to thousands of developers around the world. This is the hall of fame for Crap Computer Languages - please feel free to add your own dislikes here.


Pascal is an appalingly poor programming language that is often taught at school because the teachers themselves were made to learn it and want to make others suffer the same pain as them. Later students were fortunate enough to be able to use modern Pascal compilers that hacked in the missing features, but by then the damage was already done. Pascal has a number of mindbogglingly stupid features:

  • The lack of a "break" statement means that you can't arbitrarily escape from loops when the work has been completed. This usually results in extra variables called cunning names like "isdone" that get set to 1 when the loop can terminate.
  • The inability to switch/case on a string. Instead, you need to enumerate your strings with numbers attached, convert the string to its enumerated equivalent integer, then switch through that instead.
  • Arrays start at 1. This is a cardinal sin.

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