Burning CD/DVDs with K3B

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Backing stuff up is important, and so is writing those DVD rips you downloaded via Bittorrent. With this in mind it's important to have a nice graphical application to do it with, and K3B (http://www.k3b.org/) is that app ladies and gents!


K3B is designed to work like all those CD/DVD writing programs you get under Windows (Nero, Easy CD creator etc) and should detect your hardware on load.

You pick the kind of CD/DVD you want (audio, video, data) and drag and drop. You can also burn disc images (.iso) using it too.

That's about it, it really _is_ that good.


The only alternative I've ever really used is GToaster (http://gnometoaster.rulez.org/), it's less pretty that K3B but you can still do drag and drop and burn images.

--Bluemonki 13:41, 28 Mar 2006 (BST)