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Why make yet another distro?

With so many distros available, why make another?

  • Choice: Maybe none of the other distros fit your needs exactly. Perhaps you like Knoppix, for example, but want to remove bloated program A, add in lightweight program B and have a funky penguin backdrop. You can create a distro with what you want, and where you want it.
  • Learning experience: Understanding how a distro fits together, what vendors do to tweak their distros, and the obstacles along the way is valuable knowledge - especially if you ever plan to help out with a distro project.
  • Advocacy: If you're promoting a Linux-only software project, and would like to demonstrate it to Windows users, creating a themed Live CD containing your app is ideal. Similarly, if you're just advocating Linux in general, you can build a distro with a strong focus on your goals.

We'll start by looking at how the pieces of a distro fit together, the customisations and changes you can make, and then get hands-on with a full overhaul of Knoppix. We'll also take a look at Morphix (a Knoppix variant, files for which are on the coverdisc) together some other options. So, roll up your sleeves and let's go!