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Toshiba Satellite A60

30 Gig hard drive Intel Pentium 4 On-board ATI (YUK!!) 128 video card, 9200 IGB (which I haven't got working as yet)

15" LCD monitor running at 1024x768

I have successfully run Ubuntu 5.04, SUSE 9.3 and Fedora Core 4 on this laptop.

I don't run window$e on any of my PC's any more.

Everything seems to work fine on this laptop, - Resolution has always worked except when I've messed it up by hand - The sound works well under FC4(when the "external amplifier" checkbox is marked), but worked rather sporadically under Ubuntu

- Touchpad works fine and no problems when scrolling or tapping

- I haven't had any success assigning keybindings to the 5 multimedia keys next to the power button (Actually, I'm not really interested because the apps I used are so user friendly and have such good shortcuts)

- Suspend works fine and have no problems with the power dameon


Tested with MandrivaLinux 2005 everything works fine.


Works with Suse linux 10.1 OSS.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to install ATI drivers and to set up screen as VESA, for the GUI to work. Wifi works fine with madwifi drivers