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Project Cupcake was born out of the Make it with Mono competition (, where we asked people to submit ideas for programs they wanted to see written for Linux. The winner was then decided by a public vote, and you choose the project "Web Weaver". As the name Web Weaver has already been used (see here (, we couldn't go with that name. But the rest of the project submission still stands, and is included below for your reference...

An application which replicates most of Dreamweaver's functionality on the Linux platform (or anything supporting Mono really). Dreamweaver is one of the big reasons why several companies do not switch to Linux.

In a nutshell, a program which gives web developers all the power of Dreamweaver on Linux. Currently, the closest thing to Dreamweaver on Linux is NVU, and that is seriously lacking in features. Some features I'd like to see would be:

  1. Code completion for several languages including PHP
  2. Syntax highlighting
  3. A Table Layout mode similar to Dreamweaver's, which allows you to simply drag and design tables on a site, without worrying about other positioning.
  4. Integration with database back-ends such as MySQL
  5. In-built server behaviors such as Recordsets, repeat regions, logins, optional regions etc... This would allow you, for example, to create a recordset using a GUI editor and then simply drag the fields where you want them to appear on the page.
  6. A layout mode using CSS.
  7. GUI CSS editing

And more!

Basically it would be nice to have a program as powerful as dreamweaver on Linux, currently most rapid web developers have no choice but to use Dreamweaver on Windows. Please help us Web types!

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