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In Mondays meeting a lot of stuff was discussed not neccessarily in the same order as I list it here.

First off I have to say thanks to Mike for his interest, input and for this preview of the wiki space, that we might have available to the project.

Mike pointed out that he has only sketchy talks with "da management" about the project but asks that we put together a plan to link the project in with articles, howtos and tutorials that could be used in the magazine, including any drawbacks or foul-ups.

we need to properly plan the features, target audience, desirables, etc. we then need to agree on a starting base

the draft spec is the thing to expand. most ppl seem happy with it

Mike also asked if there was anything missing from here that we could suggest.. take a deep breath

Rather than Faqs simple answers to common questions, A specialist area. Advanced networking? some basic install procedures - generic dual boot sort of thing that we get asked about all the time,

There seems to be some sort of hiaitus on this although Gordon(gurgs) has done some work on a putative website: here (

--Towy71 14:20, 21 Oct 2005 (BST)