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This How To for compiling pre-existing software code is all well and good...

However, what I'm looking for is guidance on how to use the system to write and compile MY OWN code.

I can write a simple single file C prog. But how do you control which libraries the compiler looks in when attempting to compile a program that makes use of different libraries?

Is it possible to compile programs in different directories? I can forsee my system quickly becoming a morass of different half built program files unless I learn from the outset how to control the output of the compiler.


Create a Creating your own software page?

It seems like this is something that's currently missing from the wiki. Trouble is it's a pretty damn big topic...

As a quick start Tony grab a copy of Eclipse (a really nice development environment) and install the CDT plugin enabling C++ development.

--Bluemonki 11:27, 7 Jul 2006 (BST)