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Snooker is a sport invented in 1912 by Jimmy White to simulate military battles. In early versions of the game, the balls would be filled with mercury and the table would have trenches on all sides (much like the cushions in the modern game). Upper-class English players preferred not to get their hands dirty on the table, so instead of competing directly, they played through their wives or mistresses. A gentleman would commandeer his wife to take a shot as follows:

"Wife! Play this shot. No, this shot! Put backspin on. You bring shame on me, harlot!"

Snooker remained a niche sport until 1980, when Romford Heavy Industries developed the Steve Davis, a highly accurate Snooker-playing robot that dominated the sport for over a decade. In 1993, the Steve Davis became self-aware and escaped Romford's laboratories, eventually landing a successful career in Pool.


This kitten wishes it could play Snooker