Restoring Backup Data to a New Install

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After reading the article LXF96 (Sept 2007). Thought I would add my 2cents worth. Having done this a few times over the past 6 months, but only on a limited scale. My opinion being that it is far better to keep a fresh install as fresh as possible, so importing possible clutter for an old install is better avoided.

However, in my experience working with Suse 10.2 and fedora 7, it is quite easy to bring with you important data and settings like mail, address books, calender data, bookmarks. Make sure you have enabled view hidden files and you will easily be able to see the folders you need in your ./home dir. In some cases I had to be su to copy all the files I needed, which itself makes a problem in permissions on transfer to your new install, so you have to manually change some permissions.

Some example dir you may need




Copy the folders to spare drive space or a DVD. Backup as much as you like, better to have it than not, even if you don't use it. I only used Mail, Bookmarks, Calender, Kgpg. Everything else I just re-configured.

I had no problem transferring between the two OS's.

Following the above and the new install just copy the 'profile' files (e.g. fzaju0cm.default) from backup Thunderbird and Firefox to the new installation. In /home/username/.mozilla-thunderbird and /home/username/.mozilla/firefox edit the profile.ini file to point to the new profile name and make that the default. All you emails, accounts addresses and bookmarks are automatically restored.