Release schedule

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  • May 3rd: Project Cupcake officially started.
    • Setup wiki (Done - Hudzilla)
    • Setup Subversion repository (TO DO - M-Saunders)
    • Start recruiting programmers (TO DO - Hudzilla)

  • June 1st: Coding to begin

  • July 1st: v0.001
    • Milestone 1:
    • Main GUI should look and work like Dreamweaver's (excluding all the dialog boxes)
    • Should be able to save and load files and sites
    • Drag and drop site editing
    • Syntax highlighting code editor

  • September 1st: v.002
    • Milestone 2:
    • Should be heading towards Nvu in terms of features.

  • December 22nd 2020: Dreamweaver clone completed.

Note: our first goal is to get working code written. As Fred Brooks says, "plan to throw the first one away", which means the first few releases will largely be us futzing around trying to figure out the best way to do things. Someone already suggested building on top of MonoDevelop - that's something we'll have to figure out as we go. The point is that we don't want to spend months debating structure and theory; we want to get things moving, then refactor later.