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phpsmallbiz ( is a PHP Inventory program. It lets a user add customers and parts into a mysql database easily.

Here is a screenshot:

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Features include easy searching, paged views, and an easy install script.

Howto Use phpsmallbiz

In the demo you have 5 buttons at the top customers,labor,refresh,new customers, and new parts.

The List Customers button queries the mysql database and displays all customers in a paged view. You can search for a customer by typing in the information in any of the search fields. ie(lastname smith type smith in the lastname field then hit exact or like) There are two submit buttons for each search field, they are like and exact. The like field will search for anything that contains the given input. Exact has to match the pattern exactly.

Once You have found your customer you may want to add parts. I repair televisions so after I typed smith in lastname and hit like I then hit the parts submit button on that customer name. Phpsmallbiz then gives me a warning that smith has no parts. Click new parts button at the top. Enter in the part name price etc. Hit add new. If I am done adding parts I click the back submit button. phpsmallbiz then goes back to the parts page searching for smith and finds the entry I added.

Its that easy, soon to come is a login page. There will be access for administrative users and non admin users.