PcW 16

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The last machine in Amstrad's successful PCW series. The PcW 16 took a different route to its predecessors, in that it avoided the old text-based CP/M operating system and sported its own fully graphical OS, called Rosanne. This was an impressive feat for a Z80-based machine (running at 16 MHz).

Sadly, the abysmal build quality of the PcW 16s led to many units failing within the first few years -- so today, working '16s are a rarity. Later on in the machine's life, John Elliott developed a version of CP/M for the machine, allowing it to run old PCW programs. The machine is now effectively obsolete, save for a few usergroups and hobbyist fans.


Rosanne, the 16's mouse-driven graphical OS - all on an 8-bit Z80!