Paul Hudson

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As the brains of Linux Format as well as the de facto captain of Team LXF, Paul's day-to-day life consists of removing some of the glaring typos in the magazine, thinking up things to keep Graham Morrison busy, and listening to opera music. He also wrote the books Fedora Linux Unleashed and PHP in a Nutshell.

Visit the official Paul Hudson homepage at here (, or check out the Hudzilla page.

Some random trivia:

  • Paul's wife, Ildiko, is from Hungary.
  • Paul's middle initial is "S". You're welcome to guess what it stands for.
  • Paul has two cats, called Toby and Lizzie. He intends to name his kids after his cats.
  • Paul has two books on his desk: the Bible and Sun Tzu's Art of War. Both get read frequently.