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Nostradamus (1913-1988) was born in Exeter, the son of a library assistant (father) and assistant library assistant (mother). At an early age, Nostradamus showed an uncanny ability to make predictions. As his mother Eunice recalls:

"One day, Nosty smashed a treasured vase we kept on our mantelpiece. Straight away, he used his magic powers to predict that we were going to beat him, and ran out of the house to a nearby yacht. It was sinister that he knew."

Nostradamus' talents proved lucrative. After a brief stint in the music industry, he was employed by Nokia to develop their predictive text messaging system. Chief Nokia Technology Engineer Mika Lukkoutoukka remembers:

"Noster's ability to predict things helped us bring our devices to market quicker. We wanted to have a predictive text messaging system, so we assembled a sample user team and got Noster to predict everything they were going to type. This system is still in place today."

Later in his life, Nostradamus moved to Japan for a challenging job with Sanrio. Here, he developed a new variant of the popular Magic 8 Ball prediction game, which was rated by T3 magazine as "38% more accurate than any other device".

In 1988, Nostradamus predicted that he would develop Bent Pelvis Syndrome (BPS) and chose to terminate his life prematurely by killing himself to death with guns.


Nostradamus demonstrates the 3310's predictive texting

I am the eyes of Nostradamus, all your ways are known to me. - Name the artist, album and year (no googoling!). :-)