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Large and massively successful chain of fast-food stores, originally started in the USA but now present in hundreds of countries around the globe. It is a common source of geek food.


Ronald McDonald, the company's mascot, yesterday

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1 Hacking Your Maccas

Big Mac

Double-layered cheeseburger (two beef patties separated by an extra layer of bread), which also includes Special Sauce, gherkin, lettuce and onion. A USA citizen called Don Gorske has eaten tens of thousands of Big Macs in his life.

French Fries

Salted potato chips. Can be supplemented with various sauces (tomato, barbeque etc.)

Chicken McNuggets

Small chunks of chicken breast, coated and fried. Go well with a regular cheeseburger and fries.

Bacon and Egg McMuffin

Perfectly sized breakfast roll containing a whole free-range egg, slice of cheese and a few rashers of bacon.

Hacking Your Maccas

Little known is the fact that you can customise your McD's burger: just as long as isn't one of those places with the big rack of burgers. It's pretty cool, and very geek.

Recommend: Deluxe Chicken burger with 2 extra cheese silces, 2 bacon bacon, another deluxe chicken patty.