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Linux is the name of the world's most popular open-source operating system. In reality, it forms only the kernel of the operating system known as GNU/Linux, and various distros have been created that package up the kernel with other programs, development tools, and documentation to make a complete, friendly, and easy-to-install system for end users.

Linux was created by Linus Torvalds and a huge collection of contributing programmers. It compiles and runs on many platforms, and exists in many languages.

The suggestion that Linux was made by someone called Linux Torvalds was just a cunning misprint in the LXF special magazine, Get Started with Mandriva Linux. The person responsible has been sacked, but is finding it hard to escape from his desk.

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TODO: This is just starter text because it seems no one has actually bothered to create the most obvious topic. If someone has the time, it would be good to list the platforms Linux supports, the current version of the kernel, links to helpful sites ( is a good place to start), list a few of the language it supports, list a couple of distros, mention the GPL, mention a few names of programmers/sponsoring companies, etc. This should be a big topic with lots of links to other places!