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Link can mean several things:

It usually means a hyperlink - one of those underlined things that allow you to click your way around electronic information (See below).

A symlink is a cool way to add shortcuts to your Linux filesystem.

There's also the Link Gun in Unreal Tournament. It's pretty cool, although not as good as the Flak Cannon.


Inbound hyperlinks send visitors to your web site. Generally, this is seen as a good thing. Many sites go to great lengths to achieve as much of this 'free' advertising as possible, although a few sites are very particular about where the links are pointing.

Deep linking

Linking to a web page other than a site's home page.

Deep linking has caused mild controversies as the Web has become more commercialized. In fact, one of the fundamental strengths of the Web is the ability for any public document to connect to any other public document.

The legality of deep linking has been called into question in several lawsuits involving well-known corporations. Opponents of deep links -- typically large corporations -- argue that deep linking unfairly eliminates the ability of the home page to contribute to brand building and ad serving functions.

Proponents of deep linking contend that the ability to link freely is central to the philosophy behind the public Internet. On a practical note, they also argue that a deep link is better than no link at all, and may even be more profitable than a home page link, especially if the target site has a poor navigational structure.