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This page is a wish list of things to do on LXF Wiki.

Please feel free to:

  • Add topics.
  • Play Fairy Godmother.
  • Update on any fulfilled wishes.
  • Use the discussion page to air ideas/problems.

Table of contents


These are things that need regular attention.


  • Categorise every page. See Special:Categories for the current categories. If none is suitable for the page, think up a new one. Then add this to the page:
  • Reorganise categories where you don't like the present arrangement. For example you might want to create a Category:Desktop software, add it to the Category:Software page, and where a page on a piece of desktop software is in the Software category, change it to Desktop software.

For more about category gardening, see LXF Wiki:Category.

Duplicated pages (Redirection)

When I started looking, I found separate pages for Distribution, Distro and Distros. I moved all the content across to Distribution, and replaced it on the other two pages by this:

#REDIRECT [[Distribution]]

Now, you can type in any of those three variations, and you will always end up at the same distribution page.

So when you type in a search term and it's not on LXF Wiki, check the list of hits carefully to see if a new page with a redirect on it might be the best solution.

A common reason to do this is Capitalisation. LXF Wiki is case-sensitive (except for the first letter - don't ask!). So BASH and Bash are different pages (while Bash and bash are the same page). Having created one of these, the other has been made a redirect. That way, people can type in "BASH", "Bash", or "bash" and still go to the same page.

Broken links to other web sites

Other web sites have this nasty habit of moving stuff around, even taking it down. Links to other sites cannot be relied on, and sometimes break.

Broken links to images are a real pain. A couple of resources to help keep track of them and fix them are:

When you find a page with a broken image link, add this just next to the image link:

{{brokenimage}} [[Category:Broken images]]

This adds the following message:

This page has a broken link to an image. Please fix it if you can, or find an alternative

And adds the page to the list on Category:Broken images.

Wanted pages

For pages which do not exist, even though they have been linked to from other pages, see Special:Wanted pages

Some pages exist but are empty. Here is a list of some known ones. Please feel free to add information to the Wiki, or to add to this list as you find them:

  • DabsValue Nvidia GF5600
  • Linux Games
  • Many of the pages listed in Category:Unix commands.
  • Getting Linux to Work in the Office;
  • Set of Tutorials on the setting up or migration to the Linux office for the Small Business Owner.
  • Understanding the extfs and Howto systematically work through recovering a crashed disk (without deleting all the nodes, or some other stupid unrecoverable action)
  • Setup of an "Exchange" like imap mail/calendar server for migration away from MS Small Business Server
  • Roll out, configure and maintain say a suite of 10 Ubuntu workstations; making a "master" install CD, centralized admin, local repository management and hints for managing permissions and sticky fingers
  • Using Linux and the Web to improve business and work-group efficiencies; Information and Knowledge Management, document storage, scanning incoming paper, OCRing systems, for scan and data retrieval, using blogs and wikis, project planning, project management, using PHP and SQL for cost control, work process management... etc.

Wanted sections

If a page exists but doesn't tell you what you want, add your request here.

Ask the Admins

Only the Admins can do certain stuff, such as deleting pages or editing protected pages. Add your wishes here. Admins, please update these lists as you do stuff.

Changes to locked pages

Pages to delete

As you find redundant/unwanted pages that are not even worth a redirect, please add them here.

And redundant Categories, too:

Changes to LXF Wiki

Bigger changes to give the Admins something to do for a change, instead of hiding down the pub so they can't be accused of playing Unreal Tournament again:

  • Update to the current version of MediaWiki. This brings better editing and admin tools, smarter templates, and all sorts of other Good Things. OK it will take a lot of graft, updating from one version to the next - but hey, the first step won't be so bad - and if you never start then this Wiki will just look clunkier and clunkier as time goes by. I mean, why should the community help gold-plate a dinosaur?