LXF Towers

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Currently more searingly hot than Beelzebub's armpit after a trying game of squash, in a sauna, this is the location from where Team LXF produce Linux Format magazine.

For years the location of LXF Towers remained a cryptic secret known only to a few, which led to various speculation about its precise location. Government-commissioned satellite photography has failed to pin-point the exact location of LXF Towers, despite frequent mentions of it on the LXF website. Several clues exist:

i) It must be in a tropical environment in order to be as hot as described ii) It must have particularly good Internet connections throughout in order to satisfy the bandwidth lustings of Team LXF iii) It must be in a location where Four pints of Guinness and a packet of Scampi and Lemon crisps is understood

In late 2000 journalists from the News of the World ran the headline 'WE INFILTRATED LXF TOWERS' (page 48, beneath 'Sexy Sarah Sells Sordid Story') in the first of many hoaxes of the kind; however the location still remains a secret until this day.


The only known picture of LXF Towers. Update: Actually, that's only a model.