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IRC is a peculiar medium - of that there is little doubt. Few other places on the 'net allow for such a vitriolic mix of crazy happy people who, when you enter a channel, say things like (SexxxxyGrrl69) {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Hudzilla }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}, and also mind-numbingly cynical people who seem to idle in channels 24 hours a day, occasionally saying things like '(Saur0n) You know..... the majority of slaughter is laughter'.

Most people like IRC when they first get online, and if often becomes their first addiction on the Internet. However, it's hard to tell why this is - it's possibly because on IRC you can act like an absolute buffon and get away with it. It's more likely, though, that IRC's primary attraction is that IRC destroys your brain cells, which means that people who use IRC for long periods of time slowly start to feel their intelligence slip away. They feel the need to say 'LOL' in public, or write smiley faces on hand-written letters simply because they are unable to express themself suitably.

Once the IRC addiction is broken, it is, like most addictions, fairly easy to slide back into if you're not careful. People who have been away from IRC for years find themselves 'just popping back into #FunFactory to see whether things have changed' to begin with, then, as they continue down the slippery slope of IRC destitution, they soon find themself saying 'Hi C00l_luvvr16 A/S/L??'

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