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The native language of Hungaria (sic), Hungarian is shockingly difficult to learn. With more than 40 letters in their alphabet you'd think they'd be able to keep most words relatively short, however you'd be wrong - seg/its/eg is 'help' (note that to be compatible with everyone, accents over the top of letters are represented as characters, so /e is e with a forward slash over the top (grave accent), and /i is i with a forward slash over the top).

In the true style of Monty Python, here are some helpful Hungarian phrases. Note that ..o is an o with an umlaut (diaresis/double dot on top, as the i in the English naive should have):

I would like a pint of beer, please
S..ort k/erek, bar/atom fizet.

How much for these stamps?
Mennyi a l/anyod? Kev/es apr/om van.

Where are the nearest toilets?
Sz/ep feneked van - megfoghatom?

I am a tourist, can you give me directions?
/En egy orosz h/od/ito vagyok, j/ottem elfoglalni Magyarorszagot - add /at a p/enzedet /es a feles/egedet

Where can I buy my favourite magazine, Linux Format?
Hol tudok Linuxus Formatixus magazint venni - szerelmes vagyok a hirszerkesztobe

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