How you can help

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We at Project Cupcake are looking for people to help with coding, documentation and testing once we start getting working code out of the door. If you'd like to help, add your name and a contact email address to the list below.

Mono/C# coding

  • Paul Hudson (
  • Mike Saunders (
  • Graham Morrison (
  • Igor Guerrero (
  • Nick Veitch (
  • Juan Manuel L√≥pez (tandiljuan(at)
  • Andy Crouch (

Want to join? The only real requirement here is the ability to code in C#, but as our main development environment is MonoDevelop you'll need some experience there.

Help wanted!

  • We need a Mozilla expert - either someone who already understands how XPCOM works, or is willing to learn how it works. The goal here is to extend Gecko# so that we have access to more of Gecko's internals. This role requires a good understanding of C/C++.
  • We need a logo! If you're an artist, send us your ideas.