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A geek is a person who has a deep fascination with computers, science and/or technology. Pretty much by definition, i.e. with you reading this, you and I are both geeks.

Of the clan Geeks.

The Geeks shall inherit the Earth.

To be a geek, you have to satisfy certain requirements:

  • Eating geek food.
  • Unfashionable glasses.
  • Large amount of time on computers.
  • Good understanding of technology.
  • Minimal social skills.
  • Difficulty in communicating with non geeks.

Geeks vs. Nerds

It is important to note that there is a difference between a geek and a nerd (although both are stereotypical intelligent people). Basically a nerd is a geek wannabe. It is a bad thing to be a nerd, while a good thing to be a geek (although most are frowned upon in popular culture). The fundamental difference is that nerds don't know what they are talking about, while geeks do. Many people who use Linux are geeks, they know what they are talking about, while those who just use their PC a lot and assume they now what they are talking about are nerds.