Game music

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At some point this'll be fleshed out into a full page on video game music. In the meantime, though, while I wait for a distro to install, I command you to get hold of these games and make your ears 78% happier:


Mike Saunders: My favourite game music composer of all time is Soyo Oka, who wrote the infinitely listenable choons in Mario Kart, Pilotwings and Sim Sity for the SNES. She's done plenty of other stuff since. In the SNES games, Oka was limited by the overall themes of the games, so you don't find rip-roaringly dramatic music or anything like that -- just perfectly executed melodies which accompany the gameplay wonderfully. She may be my personal fave, but for sheer musical power I don't think the one-off cheerful ditties compare to some of the mighty works listed above. Nay!