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Inspiron 1300

Works great with Ubuntu 6.06, except for the WinModem. Apparently the modem uses LinuxAnt drivers which are no longer free (as in beer). As of Ubuntu 6.06, it needs the '915resolution' tool to tweak the video BIOS and allow widescreen resolutions.

Inspiron 4150

Works fully with SuSE 9.1 and 9.3.

Built-in WiFi configured with ndiswrapper works but with very occasional hangs possibly attributable to it.

  • Not tried irda.
  • 2 port PC Card USB 2.0 hub works and hot pluggable but with occasional hangs.

Inspiron 8500

Works fully with SuSE 9.3. Needed to use SAX2 to properly configure 1600x1050 screen resolution.

Including Bluetooth and WiFi (using ndiswrapper).

  • Bluetooth communicates with Sony Ericsson P900.
  • Not succeeded in getting Bluetooth mouse to work properly.
  • Not tried irda.
  • Not tried Firewire.
  • Some ACPI functions, like suspend to RAM tend to die on resume. Suspend to disk seems to work.

Also tested with Kubuntu, which got screen resolution right by itself.

Dell Latitude C610

Worked no problem with Opensuse 10.2 Found all internal devices, Network adapter,Irda (dont have anything to test IRD).

Installed Madwifi drivers through Yast for my wireless Netgear WG511T worked no problem

The machine has 1 USB 1.1 port which had no problem detecting my 400gig external drive and 1gig memory stick. It also has 1 serial port which I use a Garmin Etrek camo GPS receiver this also works no problem.

I did have probleams with both my webcams :

  • Logitech Sphere
  • Trust Sp@cecam 380

Both of these devices didnt work with my system.

Dell Inspirion 510M

Works with OpenSUSE 10.3 (Dual boot with XP Pro. Install carried out with all OpenSuse 10.3 defaults. Only issue was wireless network (Broadcom) 1400 Installed Ndiswrapper and latest driver from Dell, some issues but works after reboot. Now 54mHz link, faster that Windows XP on the same machine?