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Deathchimp's history is a mystery shrouded in an enigma, wrapped in a bag that smells faintly of bananas. He started his career dancing for an old Spanish immigrant to the US - a man only known by his nickname, El Coño del Mono - and there learnt an amazing amount about flexibility and gracefulness that would be of no use to him in his later work.

After the old man died, Deathchimp joined a local wrestling ring where he could practice blood sports to keep a roof over his head. Without a big name the audience could recognise, Deathchimp went under a number of pseudonyms - even sinking to El Pollo Diablo when one manager tried to convince him that monkeys were dated. Indeed, it was under the Pollo Diablo name that Deathchimp managed to win the local tournament, beating Bob the Bruising Badger in just three minutes. Sadly for Deathchimp, it turns out that chickens are even less popular than monkeys amongst the crowds: they rushed onto the stage, pelting him with rotten bananas. Their shouts - "¿qué el coño es un pollo diablo?!" still haunt Deathchimp today. Hours later, his manager was found dead - his neck was broken after he slipped on a banana peel - and Deathchimp had picked up a new name that was to herald the beginning of his future: Chimp O' Doom.

Having risen to the top of the local, then national, then international wrestling leagues, Chimp O' Doom was now rich. Despite his unmatched tournament success, most of his money came from selling action figure models of himself in action - the model with the special Tea Making action sold particularly well. However, money hadn't brought with it the happiness that Chimp O' Doom so craved. So, he staged his own death: Chimp O' Doom and all he stood for had to die, in order that Deathchimp - a free-spirited, wandering, reckless killing machine - might live.

Ever since then, Deathchimp has struck fear into the heart of Unreal Tournament players everywhere as part of Team LXF.