Dangerous Streets

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Arguably the worst video game in the history of existence -- probably beating the shockingly awful Dark Castle on the ill-fated CD-i.

(Yes, there were technically even worse 3 kilobyte Spectrum shareware games, but a game's crapness is proportional to the power of its host computer, the marketing behind it, and etc. So a game that scores 3/5 on the Speccy could deserve only 1/5 when implemented on the CD32. If you catch my drift.)

A [brilliant and hilarious review (http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/estate/dh69/wos/world/ap/danger.htm)] from Amiga Power. We need say no more. And yes, the score is entirely justified. Now, when you consider that Commodore used this vile waste of time as the highlight on the CD32 packaging, it's no surprise the company went all liquified and gooey.

Dangerous Streets is so bad, God kills fifteen kittens every time you play it.