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What is amaroK

amaroK is a media player designed to be used with the K Desktop Environment. It consists of a playlist, an equalizer, and the media player window itself. amaroK can run as a single window incorporating the player and playlist windows as a single window, or it can run similar to XMMS or Beep Media Player.

amaroK is launched with a KDE tray applet and a playlist window (or windows depending on how you configured amaroK).

Unlike XMMS (and like Banshee), amaroK organizes music in an internal database, reading tags from FLAC, MP3 and ogg-vorbis files with all files stored in directories that you select when you first launch amaroK. (MP3 support depends upon whether your distribution has the necessary libraries installed.)

amaroK keeps track of what music files you play and rates them accordingly. Ratings are based upon how much of the music file you play and how many times you play the music file. amaroK keeps track of the last time you played music files, and lists your favourite music files, and any new music files you have placed in the selected directories.

...oh and did I mention that you can upload music files to your iPod?

Within the playlists, you can edit the metatags on each file that is in the designated music directory. This is very useful if you are creating music files from old cassettes and records.