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Dual boot, FreeBSD and Linux.

BSD: FreeBSD 6.0 for AMD64 works in text mode. Ati driver doe's not recognize the chipset. Installed Xorg 6.9 from source. Driver recognizes the hardware (RADEON X700). Error messages on some IOCTL. X11 not yet up and running.

LINUX: Tried Scientific Linux. Hangs on install. Mandiva 2006.0 64 bit installs if I delete the FreeBSD partition. Installed 64 bit Kubuntu 5.10. Works OK.


  • Get X11 on FreeBSD up and running
  • Test wireless network and bluetooth on Linux.

ACER TravelMate w2450 laptop - PClinuxOS93p just bought an ACER TravelMate 2450 laptop and installed dual boot PClinuxOS93p (big daddy) and winXPpro. It works great. I used ndiswrapper to install the winXP driver (located at Acer website) for the wireless card and works fine. I downloaded the linux video driver from the ATI website and installed with their instructions an now 1280x800 resolution. I like this distro as you can accomplish all tasks with GUI. It has a very good "device manager"

ACER TravelMate 4100LCi

Dual boot, WINXP PRO and Ubuntu 6.10.

Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft): Installed from DVD without incident. The touchpad and keyboard were supported 'out of the box' along with sound and graphics which are all functional. Desktop enhancements using Compiz work smoothly with GL Desktop which would suggest that the graphics support is reasonably robust. It was however neccesary to modify xorg.conf to achieve the correct screen resolution after installation. Power management is not functional at present, the battery indicator goes directly from 100% to 0%. The on-board Intel Wireless hardware works using WPA security and TKIP encryption, although it does not always connect to an access point on the first attempt. Day to day usage suggests that the system is stable, with no severe crash events observed since installation in December 2006.