Enterprise security for your home wireless network

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Enterprise security for your home wireless network

Postby bertan » Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:28 am

Here's how to upgrade your home wireless network's security to 802.1x mode, the standard used by professionals:

1. Install FreeRADIUS, the open-source RADIUS server
2. Check your installation of FreeRADIUS from localhost
3. Define your router to your FreeRADIUS server
4. Open the firewall on your server to let RADIUS through
5. Tell your router about the FreeRADIUS server
6. Make some test certificates
7. Copy the test certificates and private key to your laptop
8. Configure wireless networking on your laptop
9. Do a cumulative test of all your changes so far
10. Remove user and password authentication from FreeRADIUS
11. Generate some real certificates and a private key
12. Replace the laptop's test certificates with your real certificates
13. Start, and permanently enable, the radiusd service
14. Enjoy professional-grade security from now on!

If you need details on how to carry out any of these steps, see http://members.shaw.ca/bertan/enterpris ... twork.html
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